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imagine you are visiting a country, you are enchanted, a country that envelops your soul, which triggers a desire for more…

this is what happened to the founders of aventura lda., in 2001. they moved from germany to cape verde, the challenging adventure began: to provide professional services in an amiable but little developed country.

by 2004 aventura lda, a classical incoming agency, has been offering touristic activities, developing and promoting tourism on site. 



our portfolio includes:
on site representation for tour operators
product development
hotel handling
transport: domestic flights, ferry tickets, transfers
general assistance

from the outset of the operation, shore excursions for cruises have been an established part of our portfolio.

longtime experience, a solid knowledge base, an understanding of the culture on the islands and established contacts within the networking team in situ, in addition to a keen awareness of the special requirements of cruise ship guests are the basis for our high quality shore excursions.

our team aims to combine professional expertise with capeverdean hospitality.

structured organisation combined with the capeverdean lust for life offers the base for a high quality service and a unique experience.


our philosophy is based on the idea of sustainable tourism. we want to support the country, especially the inhabitants, in creating a future based on tourism.

in our opinion tourism forms the bridge between two cultures. our aim is to involve the population into our activities whenever possible, to create sources of income and to enable travelers to obtain firsthand experience.

who could do this better than the hosts themselves? be this in the form of a guide, a fisherman, a hotelier, a host family, a farmer, a musician, a driver or the owner of a guitar workshop – we all have something to share.