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the satisfaction of excursion guests: that’s what we strive for, this is why we go to the office every morning and why we never get tired of keeping track of the following: 



product development

state your requirements and you will receive an excursion package that:

is based on substantiated knowledge on the islands, extensive experience and on site contacts
is adjusted to your customers’ specific needs
offers your clients a choice of different programs
is designed and timed to ensure that clients have sole access to sites during the excursion
is continuously being assessed and adapted where appropriate 


clarification of all relevant questions will be made with your contact person in advance, to whom a detailed description of the tours, including a time management agenda, information as to the level of difficulty in participation of said tours, as well as graphical material will be furnished.


on arrival you will be received by our coordinator, who will be available to assist throughout the allocated time in port. the coordinator will be in regular communication with each excursion group. according to the volume of booked excursions, the coordinator may be supported by an assistant.

means of transport and guides will be on standby at the pier 30 minutes prior to the excursions’ start time. We set a high value on the compliance of set schedules, to ensure that tours integrate into your process smoothly. In case of mechanical failure a replacement vehicle will be provided immediately, one escort per bus, from the cruise ship, is welcome to participate in the tour.


clothes maketh the man’, and a good guide makes for a good excursion. Thus, time and attention is given to training, to a professional standard, for our guides.

friendly, highly motivated people, with open minds and a good sense of responsability are always welcome in our team.

we also expect a good guide to have: an indepth knowledge about the islands, a high level of different language skills, knowledge about the needs and the country of origins of our guests and the ability to structure an informative excursion.

our team is trained to meet these requirements and is constantly assisted to develop their potential.

And, moreover, further reference of attention for the guides when undertaking shore excursions are: 
to adjust the walking speed to conform to the guests’ ages and abilities

to inform said guests on the durations and activities during a stopover and to check the attendance list before continuing the tour 
to welcome and check the number of guests during embarkation onto given transport
to introduce themselves to the guests at the beginning, to give a short summary of the tour and to inform guests about appropriate behaviour whilst in the host country 


the means of transport make a significant contribution to the comfort and safety of your guests.

the best options on site are offered by the public bus company and toyota hiace. we always check the condition, safety and cleanliness of the vehicles in advance. every conveyance will be marked visibly with your specific information. 20% of unassigned seats will ensure the guests comfort and enjoyment of the excursion.