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take cape verde as you find it and you will fall in love with these little islands in the middle of the atlantic ocean.

amongst unfinished houses and sporadic signs of both vegetation and inhabitation, you will find a pure joy of life, bright colours, wonderful people, experience interesting encounters and view breathtaking scenes of natural beauty. 



black lava, bright blue seas, black or white sandy beaches, warm brown hues of colour in the plains and mountains, alongside tropical green vegetation – all of which go to form the backdrop of the capeverdean islands. 

due to the variety of natural conditions and historic developments, each individual island created its own character over the centuries. being quite isolated from each other and not eager to strive for efficiency and equality, they retained their individual characters.

são vicente - santo antão

two islands as rich in contrast as is possible. so close, yet so individual.
são vicente, with its cosmopolitan and cultural city surrounded by volcanic landscapes – santo antão, untouched, authentic rural living with lush, tropical green backdrops. 

santo antão

craggy cliff tops, tropical green valleys and impressive volcanic craters attract hikers and those who just love mountains from all over the world.

on the second largest and most mountainous island of cape verde, you will find innumerable trails across steep ridges and meandering through traditional villages that appear to be stuck onto the sides of mountains.

on several sugarcane plantations they still produce the national drink of cape verde, grogue.

your guests will appreciate the rural life of the capeverdean people on santo antão, will be enveloped by their friendliness, enjoy a grogue under mango- and papaya trees and be impressed by the islands spectacular scenery. 

são vicente

the lively seaport of mindelo and its almost deserted back-drop form a fascinating and interesting contrast, which no traveller should miss.
having been an important commercial town for many decades, mindelo now offers countless possibilities to attain an insight into its history as well as presenting capeverdean culture and music.

the pulsating nightlife of mindelo is famous for the frequent events to be found in bars and restaurants. excursions will take you into the barren and arid countryside, to the top of the island’s highest peak, monte verde, and to the stunning beaches, all are a must for every visitor of this unique island.

the appeal of são vicente lies in its versatile possibilities. offer your guests the enjoyment of mindelo’s vibrant flair, a stroll through colonial alleys and suggest venturing further afield where they will discover hidden spots of tranquility in areas of striking desolation and gorgeous beaches. 

Please fly over the islands to get a foretaste of travel.

developing country

cape verde is a developing country. a developing country, which offers travellers a colourful richness and positive overall impression. however, the level of standards existing in developed countries is not as yet to be found in all instances within a country that continues with its development.

those who can accept basic or no amenities in respect of public toilets, a lack of AC and PA systems in vehicles, the fact that the concept of ‘efficiency’ is set at a relaxed level, will be able to enjoy the beauty of cape verde to its fullest extent.

and even if here and there elements of the infrastructure are not perfect, you can still have us to rely on. we are accustomed to dealing with the level of your customer’s expectations and we make it our business to avoid or rectify any deficiencies encountered.

acknowledging the difficulties that can be experienced, our guides are efficient in their abilities to communicate information to the whole group despite the lack of a PA system, we have identified every acceptable toilet on the islands and our team is efficient in negotiating with service providers.

if you feel your guests would enjoy freshly caught fish or a capeverdean buffet, this can be offered without hesitation. The hygiene standards of capeverdean cuisine are essentially very good and due to long established co-operation with selected restaurants, we guarantee excellent quality.